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Cinema Solutions

The booming cinema industry in Saudi Arabia has created many unique opportunities that very few are able to make the most of. Don't let the lack of a knowledgeable partner or unfamiliarity with the industry itself hold you back from this rare chance to become part of what will be one of Saudi Arabia's core leisure industries.


Our team of architects and international consultants enables us to design cinema spaces and supply all relevant cinema peripherals (i.e cinema seats, sound systems, acoustic panels, etc.). 


We provide DCI-compliant and other related cinema equipment – whether it be 2K/4K projectors, cinema screens (fixed and/or inflatable/portable), 3D hardware and accessories, cinema sound systems, POS systems, and even concession equipment, we have them all.


Leave your cinema in the hands of experts. We have more than 10 years of experience in operating, managing and maintaining cinemas.


Cinema Seats

4k Projector T2_2_lo-res.jpg

DCI-compliant Cinema Projectors

box office copy.jpg

Box Office/POS Solutions


Cinema Sound Systems

Screen T2.png

Cinema Screen Solutions


Concession Stands

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